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I'm Anjana, my creative journey with wooden art was born around 5 years ago in the balcony of our apartment.

Over the last few years, as my skills and confidence gradually grew, we decided that I was finally ready for my own workshop/shop and so this new journey began.

ANJANA - WOODEN ART & WORKSHOP was legally born in 2021.

What I do

I like to think of myself as a modern-day woodworker.

I work almost exclusively with wood and create unique, handmade pieces using a combination of old & new, handwork and machine work.  

Most of my pieces are one of a kind (unless a re-order is specially requested) and handmade.

All the designs are my own creations. 

I source materials & labour (if required) from local vendors. 

Nothing is mass-produced or sourced from companies that mass produce. 

My ever-growing portfolio includes paintings, furniture, jewellery boxes, trays of different kinds, purses, quirky portraits, games, toys & lamps.

I also work with clients to produce custom pieces that suit their spaces & needs specifically. 

I aim to keep expanding my skills, keep experimenting and producing unique & functional pieces of art. 

My Story

​I was born in Bombay, India. 

Born to an architect father and growing up in a culture rich in different types of art, I developed a curiosity for art and design early on.​I developed my interest in design further with a degree in Interior Architecture and worked with some great architects in Bombay.

After moving to turkey in 2010 and taking some time to adjust to a new country, language, and life, I felt the need to get back to doing something design-related.

A master in yacht design later, I still felt like something was missing.​Working with wood had always held a special appeal to me so I bought my first laser CNC machine - absolutely basic & handmade but it was something! - and started experimenting.

It took a few years of experimenting until I finally found my way to doing something I absolutely love - creating unique pieces of art with wood. ​

Why wood in particular?

Because wood is organic, it’s alive, it takes your energy and gives you back its own. It teaches you that imperfections are perfect and forces you to learn to let go of your rigidness, your need to control. Instead, you adapt and change your designs. It doesn’t matter what you make, a painting, furniture, coasters, they are all living breathing pieces of art.