Three 40cm x 60cm Pine wood panels.

(An abridged version of Hanumans story) Hanuman was the son of Kesari & Anjana - the king of the monkeys & a celestial nymph -
When Anjana was a child she angered a monkey who was actually a meditating sage in disguise. In his anger, the sage cursed her to be born on Earth as a monkey.
Anjana was an attendant in the palace of Brahma the creator. Happy with her service he told her he would grant her a boon. Anjana asked Brahma to remove the curse the sage had put on her.
However even Brahma couldn't undo a curse this powerful, instead, he told Anjana that if she lived on Earth, fell in love with a human & gave birth to a reincarnation of Shiva, her curse would be lifted.
So Anjana went to Earth to live as a mortal being and find her human love. One day while she was out hunting she saw a handsome warrior fighting a lion and fell in love with him (eye roll, sorry couldn't resist). The moment the warrior laid his eyes on her she turned into a monkey. Shocked at this turn of events she looked closely at the handsome warrior and saw that he wasn't human after all but Kesari, the King of the monkeys. So they got married and with the help of Vayu - the got of the winds - Hanuman, an avatar of Shiva, was born.


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  • Each panel is 40cm x 60cm Pine wood


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